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Nadiya Vakulenko
  • FieldArt Departments / Embroidery crafts
  • CountryUkraine

A Master of Traditional Folk Art Embroidery in Ukraine


1. Active participant of numerous national and regional expositions and art projects since 1981

2. Works as the master of traditional folk art embroidery(hand-work) at the Reshetylivka Art College, Since 1986

3. Accepted to the National Union of Folk Art Masters of Ukraine, 1991

4. Became the Petro Artememko Prize-winner 1990

5. Awarded the highest national honourable title of the Merited Master of Folk Creativity of Ukraine, 2006

6. Be Considered by experts to be one of the most active and talented folk artists who work to revive national traditional culture, especially the famous for the traditional folk embroidery of the Poltava region

7. Collections of embroidery shirts, rushnyky (ritual embroidered towels) show the master’s knowledge of ancient technologies of embroidery, colour and ornamental compositions, symbolism of signs and motives on her art works